Eco-Magnets… Reuse that stuff guys!

I had about 8 tiles left over from a previous project.  I left them in the forefront of my closest because I knew that if I saw them enough I would eventually think of something to do with them… Well, I did.



The medium is:
Common kitchen/bathroom tiles
Craft paint
Mod Podge

Each tile has a separate article regarding the environment. I had painted the images on the newspaper and mod podge them on to the tiles.  After they were completely dry I painted the sides the same green as seen on the front.
After everything was dry I glued magnets on the back and Viola – Eco-Friendly magnets!

I really love them!

Stayed tuned for my next post.  I am really impressed with my garden and all the new life!  This summers’ harvest is going to rock.


3 responses to “Eco-Magnets… Reuse that stuff guys!

  • Tess

    Cool…and I have some tiles and plenty of newspaper. I think I just may have some magnets handy too. Are these ceramic tiles? Heavy? I was just wondering how many magnets you puit on the back. I have round ones and magnet tape.

  • Morgan

    Tess – These are ceramic tiles. If you use round magnets they are not too heavy, even with the newspaper, paint and mod podge. The tape type magnets will not work. The sticky won't stay and it isn't strong enough. Also, I hot glued the round magnet on the back!

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