Winner and Gardening

Winner Winner chicken Dinner –  Through the winner of the light givewaway is Susan at  We Love Great Mexican Food …drop by and wish her congrats!

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New Topic:

The garden is going very well. I am learning so much and I am extremely amazed with the growth.  In true form I will start of with my successes.

Some of my devoted readers may remember that I planted new seeds for the summer.  Those seeds included Mammoth Sunflowers and Jack-o-lantern pumpkins.  I knew the pumpkins would have no problem getting started but I was a little concerned with the Sunflowers. I have never actually grown flowers.  I have attempted but they always seem to die. This time I was proven wrong.  Both the Sunflowers and Pumpkins are doing well.  Below is a picture of one of four sunflowers I planted…

If you look closely on the left and side towards the bottom you will see a smaller plant.  That is the beginning of one of the Pumpkin plants.  Now here is a tip for those of you who garden. In the extreme heat you should plant sunflowers near Pumpkin plants to provided shade from the sun. Sunflowers can handle the heat and the Pumpkin leaves wont’ fry.  I learned this bit of info from local gardening guru, The Garden Guy.  I wish I knew this information last year because I wouldn’t have asked my husband to create the huge shade structure that is currently in place above my garden.

This is the Italian Parsley bush.  I love it!  It may not have too much use in food but it smells so great and it actually tastes pretty good right of the stem… Get this, this parsley is doing so well it is actually growing outside the garden box.  I have two of these bushes!  

Parsley is also one of the plants that attracts good bugs and deters some of the bad ones.  Alot of herbs actually have that superhero power – They attract good bugs and deter bad ones with their smell.
Lesson learned: Always have herbs planted through out a garden!  Any easy way to rid yourself of bugs without using pesticide!
Here is the rogue Blackberry bush. Not only is it growing outside the box (next to the rogue Parsley) it is in the spot I actually moved it from last year.  Apparently it decided that it wanted to stay there forever.  In fact, it is growing outside (as seen here) and directly on the other side in the garden box.   I originally thought it was a potato plant when it started fighting its way through the soil and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was another Blackberry bush. 
I have decided that I am going to try and extract a couple of these bushes and sell them to locals that have fledgling gardens.  
Ah…Cantaloupe..Wait, I meant, UGH! Cantaloupe. These plants are EVERYWHERE!  I had cantaloupe seeds in my compost and they took root in my garden.  I am removing the smaller ones and selling them with the Blackberry bushes because melon grow like pumpkin – fast and long.  They have long vines and I only want to trellis a couple.  

See, more cantaloupe plants… Want one?

Now my failures:
I didn’t take pictures.

I am trying to growing Lavender and Tyhme in pots and it is not working.  Nothing, not even a little sliver of green.  I don’t think the Lavender is getting enough drainage but the Tyhme has no excuse.

I also have some slow growing Mammoth Sunflowers near my ac unit.  I want to shade it for the summer and my husband said there is absolutely no way I can have a tree over there so I chose Sunflowers.  Well, they weren’t kidding when they said full sun.  Those little guys get about 4-5 hours of full sun and they are growing at a snails pace.  They ARE growing but not nearly at the rate of they brothers in the garden box.

I hope you guys made it this far and I hope I gave you some good tips from my learning process.  I am now off to make laundry soap and plant some Marigolds.  Marigolds attract good bugs too!


4 responses to “Winner and Gardening

  • Rebecca

    The Little Princess and I planted Marigolds last week too! 🙂 They are supposed to grow like crazy. We shall see! Our Johnny Jump-Ups are starting to grow already. Princess was pretty excited to see them.

  • Dianne

    Your Sunflowers, Parsley, and Blackberry look great! Thanks, I'm going to try Sunflowers with Pumpkins. Don't feel bad about Lavender. I have been trying to grow it for 3 years from seed with no luck, until recently. Last month I noticed English Lavender finally came up! I started the seeds in February in a container, and kept it in by a basement window (watered often). We live in NE, so I can finally put it outside. I hope it grows.I planted Thyme outside last fall, and it is coming up now. Not to advertise, but you may have fun reading some of my blog posts about my crazy frugal gardening and recycling ideas.

  • Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish

    Love the idea of using Sunflowers to shade an AC unit! Lavender is very tricky to grow! Don't feel bad!

  • Tanya

    Hey momma! I LOVE Italian Parsley…I have replaced curly parsley with italian permanently! You know what else I love…French Tarragon…it's great…the boys and I cut large cuttings and eat it with sandwiches or string cheese! Miss you!

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