Sponsor Giveaway – Racer Cars!

Good Day one and all!  I apologize for my brief absence from the blogging world, my birthday was Friday and the days have been packed leading up to it and preceding it.

Today I am going to take a break from the typical posts (which seem to be gardening and creating etc) to do a quick giveaway.

My boys were given the opportunity to test out new light up racer cars for CVS. They are called Marble Racers.

These little cars are the same size as you average Hot Wheels however they are not metal but rather a thick plastic that enables the blue and red LED light to be seen.  Every time you shake these little guys they light up like mad and when zooming across the kitchen floor giggles will ensue.

Here are some pictures for you to gander at…

 These two photos are the Fire Chief and Confetti however those are not the only two options.  There is also a Police Chief, Volcano (flames), Ice, and  another abstract model.  My boys really enjoyed the Police car and a Fire car because both were able to “come to the rescue” of some poor innocent toy that was about to be eaten by a dinosaur…No joke.

Now a problem that you may encounter is at bed time, they may sneak the toys in bed to see the lights under the sheets.  The good thing is the light turns off after a period of time so I am not worried about the lights wearing out.

So here is the giveaway and the rules of playing:
The winner gets 6 Light-Up Marble Racers!!!
1. Become a follower – Tell me if you are veteran or a new follower
2.Become a fan on Facebook
3. Blog about the giveaway on your blog..Include a link back to the giveaway 
Oh and remember – these are separate entries so please make separate comments telling which one you did!
3 chances to win here everyone!
Trust me, these cars are a lot of fun and the kiddos LOVE them!

P.S. This ends on Wednesday, June 9th


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