Faith, that is what my tattoo is going to say.  In big block letters.  I know that many do not enjoy tattoos but that’s okay.  This is for me.  It is a constant reminder that my trust in Christ will get me through.
Faith is very hard to maintain today’s world.  The economic crunch, the war in the Middle East, and the ever increasing amount of hate towards Christianity in general. Losing one’s hope seems inevitable. 

I, personally, fluctuate between a firm faithful Christian to a hopeless mess about thirty times a day.  I am constantly stressed about the family budget, my boys’ behavior, my husbands’ job, our relationship with family, and the list goes on and on. I find myself asking when will this ever end.
As a believer, I frequently give it all to God and then start taking it all back.  I start my walk in faith and then catch myself questioning the walk, turning around and doubling back.  I search for answers and solutions and continually come up empty.  I try to regain control and find the light at the end of the tunnel only to find a dense cloud.  It is during this time that God gently reminds me that He has control and a purpose for my life, even if I can’t see it.  I need to give up the control that I am trying desperately to maintain and stop leaning on my own understanding.  If I let go and actually hand over that control to the Lord, I won’t sink or get lost, I will however find peace.
Faith walking is a hard and daunting task and no one ever said it would be simple.  However that is where our relationship with other sisters comes into play.  Providing, support, understanding, and a listening ear can make our daily struggles a little easier to handle.  If we, as mothers, wives, and women of Christ can partner with Christ and then one another, imagine the possibilities.  I can’t even picture the incredible results.  
Walking blindly in faith is an amazing and frightening experience.  One that will lead us closer to God and into His will.  I know that it will be a forever task for me but I am up for the challenge.  
Faith, that is my tattoo and my goal. 

My tattoo – I got it May 21, 2010 – My 29th birthday gift

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