Growth is spotted AND a sneek preview of an awesome Giveaway!

New Growth Baby!

I am officially a crazy person… When my husband and I removed my old garden box and replaced it with a larger version I decided that I was going either give away the old box or recycle it.  I did the latter.  I recycled it to myself.  Last week I re-planted the small garden box to grow herbs and flowers.

There they are, in all their glory.  I planted more Mammoth Sunflowers (for shade), Oregano, Cilantro, and Marigolds (to attract good bugs) and this morning I saw signs of life!  I LOVE IT.

Mistake time –

I was so excited about having two garden boxes but I was NOT excited about the process of digging new trenches for the box.  It was hot and the dirt was dry.  I mean no moisture at all.  I had to get the dirt wet enough to dig and then dig deep enough for the box to be flat around the ground.  Well….I got tired and frustrated.  Now I have holes along the sides…

 Can you see the gaping holes?  I noticed my mistake as the dirt started settling and went out and bought dirt…Yes, that is correct, I bought dirt.  Out here in AZ we do not have the beautiful dark dirt that so many other states have, we have this light brown clay junk that is good for building Adobe homes and killing innocent bystanders (you can get this stuff wet, form it into the shape of a ball and when it is dry it is like a rock).  So today I will be filling in the holes and adding more dirt in the box…in 100 degree heat. Now that is what I call a good time.

My plan is to dry my organically grown herbs, bottle them and then sell them.  I am also going to be selling cantaloupe on the side of the road.  Yes, that happens out here! We live in farm country.  I will probably be in between the people trying to sell puppies and the guy that has his own Kettle corn stand.   My husband wants me to make a sign that says “Check out my Melons!”.  He claims I will get tons of sales that way.


Look what I got today!

I am reviewing Betty Crockers new Suddenly Pasta Salad – Greek style! With my salad I got the tote you see in the background and both bowls in the foreground.  Now here is the great part.  After my review I get to give away this same prize pack!  Betty Crocker is going to send the lucky winner all these goodies!

Included in the pack
An Awesome Tote – GREAT quality
A pasta bowl 
A glass Pyrex bowl with lid 
Suddenly Salad!
Keep and eye out everyone!
Alrighty, I am done for the day!



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