Betty Crocker Giveaway! Pasta, salad bowls, and a Tote – Oh MY!

Another day another giveaway.

MyBlogSpark recently gave me the opportunity to review a couple new products from Betty Crocker and post my opinions of them on my blog.  I jumped at the chance.  The opportunity to review food?!  So last week a big box arrived in the mail for me and here is what I found ….

As you can see we have; a giant lovely insulated tote, a Zak Designs salad bowl, a pyrex glass bowl and a box of yummy box of Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Greek style.  I literally jumped for joy.

Earlier this week I decided that it was time that we tried the Suddenly Salad with our dinner.  I did not make a Greek Style dinner and I wished I had because this pasta would have fit in perfectly..  However as many of you know my husband is extremely picky and we already had steaks on the grill.  ANYWAYS, Greek dinner or not this pasta was good, extremely easy to make and a wonderful side dish.  It is not too heavy (which is a wonderful bonus considering it is 100+ outside) and it does not require a million different ingredients to add in.

I took some photos of my pasta experience…Please remember that I am using the cheapo crapo camera so the quality is not great.

  I am getting ready to cook….I need some new pots…
I took advantage of all the goodies they gave me so of course I put the pasta salad in the new pasta bowl
Here is my verdict
The kiddos loved the pasta and I not only enjoyed the taste but I loved how quick and easy it was to make.  I am also in love with the salad bowl, tote and pyrex storage container.  I used the tote yesterday at the store and it holds a two pizzas perfectly with EXTRA room and the glass pyrex bowl is currently holding the leftover pasta salad.   Oh and get this….This is my FIRST glass storage bowl. 
Would you guys like to have all these goodies too???  Well here is your chance…
MyBlogSpark and Betty Crocker have graciously offered this prize pack to one lucky winner
1. Become a follower and leave a comment; especially if you are a new follower
2. Become a follower on Twitter
3. Blog about this giveaway on your blog and leave link back here so I can check it out
Three separate entries and the winner will be selected by the random number generator on June 25.  That is two weeks from today.

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