The Mac and Cheese that almost killed me and my self esteem

I made an AWFUL dinner tonight.  Truly terrible…my self-esteem is really starting to sink here.  KUR-PLOP, here that?  Yup that was my self-esteem dropping and here is why:

Last week I pulled out my sewing machine in an ambitious effort to learn how to sew.  My best friend had recently pulled out her machine and was sewing within about an hour… me, not so much.  It took me an hour to thread that stupid machine.  After I had everything threaded and ready to go (or so I thought) the stitches wouldn’t stay.   I was so positive I could conquer the world of sewing, or at least begin my conquering (yes I know that word does not really fit there) efforts but alas the sewing machine had different thoughts.  I left Fred, the sewing machine, out so that I will not forget or forgive his presence and I am now on a rampage in submitting his will to me…. This has become WAY to vindictive for an inanimate object….

Fast forward to this evening-
We are on a budget.  A Dave Ramsey kind of budget.  Cash only and No Debt allowed.  I went grocery shopping last week and apparently didn’t buy enough food.  Thank goodness for the garden.  It has been supplying us with veggies for a couple of days now…. ANYWAYS, I found a Paula Deen recipe for Mac and Cheese and it is the Mac and Cheese of doom.  It was so bland and for some odd reason the noodles that I stocked up on (they were on a major sale) are pretty gross.  They taste slightly sweet.  Who sweetens noodles?!  Soooo, I ended up with a weird combo of sweet and bland with a whole lot of cheese and butter.  We ended up eating Peanut Butter and Jelly instead.

These two things are only some of the side effects of my summer time blues.  I have a love hate relationship with summer.  I enjoy the idea of summer.  Pool parties, BBQs, Fourth of July, no school etc… and in all honesty I have been participating in all of those things.  However out here in the land of endless heat we kind-of shut down.  Everyone hibernates and only comes out in the morning and the evening so the boys and I are restless and bored.  Now before everyone jumps on the craft band wagon let me say this; there are only so many crafts that one mother (meaning me) can do. I have patience but not enough to launch into a new craft 

Alright, I am done complaining.  But I do want to know, Do you get the summer time blues??!

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18 responses to “The Mac and Cheese that almost killed me and my self esteem

  • JDaniel4's Mom

    We are spending a lot of time at the library due to the heat. Stopping from SITS!

  • Gone Gertz

    Did you make the Creamy Mac and Cheese? In the crock pot? I'm thinking of trying it but adding maybe a little more salt, pepper and pepperjack cheese instead of cheddar. Cadillac Ranch has a great 'Arizona' mac & cheese that I've been trying to make.

  • Pua

    Oh my god! This happened to me just two weeks ago…it was a Paula Deen recipe for beefy mac and cheese. It was awful. It tasted disgusting and the mess it created in the kitchen was just as bad. It took two days to get the grease off of everything. My 15 month old wouldn't touch it, and my husband ate half a serving. I scarfed down two bites before I started to break down and sob because it was such a terrible dinner. I was ashamed, I couldn't even blog about it.Stopping by from SITS.

  • Kari

    This post made me laugh. Mac and Cheese of doom – haha! PB&J is always a good fall back!

  • Morgan

    I am so glad that I am not the only one that has a bad experience!! Pua, let's be disappointed together.

  • Untypically Jia

    I've never made a Paula mac and cheese, but everything else I make of hers is amazing. Strange. Then again I never follow a recipe to begin with.

  • Pregosaur

    Ooooohhhhh my yes, I've been there with the bad mac and cheese! There's nothing better than good m&c, but when it's bad…whew!

  • Saucy B

    I say good for you for being resourceful. And as for trying to occupy two little boys, not an easy task!

  • LisaDay

    This is the second blogger who attempted a Paula recipe. Sorry to hear you didn't have much luck but it sounds like the noodles are to be blamed and not you.Happy SITS day.LisaDay

  • Kim

    I've had some dinner fail – I've not found Paula's recipes to be overly reliable. (Not that I don't love her.) We hibernate during summer, too.

  • Kristy

    Hmmm, I don't know, I think I could put salt on that and still eat it.

  • Zeemaid

    I've made bland mac n cheese before because I didn't realize that I was using the wrong kind of cheese. I had always bought medium or mild cheddar. Now I buy aged or sharp cheddar and it worked much better. Still… kids always prefer KD for some reason!

  • Jenn Erickson

    Knowing Paula Deen, she probably would have been thrilled about sweetened noodles…LOL. Sorry to hear about this culinary disaster. Even the best home and pro chefs have 'em, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier to choke down. Hope you stick with your sewing aspirations and meet with success soon. I've tried Alton Brown's Mac & Cheese recipes and have been very happy with them. My favorite recipe for Mac & Cheese, however, came from Cooks Illustrated (my favorite recipe source). It's their martini mac & cheese (because it has green olives). My husband, who detests green olives, left them out. The recipe calls for 3 different kinds of cheese (the only downside if you're on a budget like you and me). It has sharp cheddar, parmesan, and gorgonzola. My kids, who are the pickiest eaters I know, went nuts for this recipe, and didn't notice the "blue cheese". It blends in and simply adds an extra layer of depth and flavor. If you'd like the recipe, let me know and I'll send you a copy. Sorry for rambling Morgan. xoxo, Jenn

  • Missy

    Have you tried The Pioneer Woman's Mac & Cheese? SOOOO good!Stopping by from SITS!

  • simplysandi

    I love some mac n cheese, but I will admit that I have yet to make a good version homemade. I even cheated recently and made Kraft for my neices.

  • CK

    Haha! This post is great. And YES I get the summer time blues or the half-way through deployment blues or whatever blues and its so good to recognize them just as that because then you will realize that the time will soon pass and you'll be on the up-swing of emotions soon enough (eh hem… right?) Anyway, great post! Even though the mac and cheese didn't turn out right, I love your descriptions.Happy SITS day!-CK

  • Lani

    I am the worst cook ever- I know how you felt:)

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