I’m an idiot…. I admit it freely

A couple of days ago I posted about how much I hated my sewing machine. I was ready to throw it into oncoming traffic.  Well, my complaining did not go un-noticed with my good friends. Mainly because I could not stop talking about it… So they took it upon themselves to offer to help me.

This morning my friend and I sat down in front of the machine and I was prepared to so her that my sewing machine hated me and was laughing in my face.  The bobbin wasn’t sticking and the thread was too loose and after about an hour of many attempts neither us could figure out the problem.  I started picking up the machine and putting random pieces away and open the storage container and behold there was our problem.

I forgot to put on a main component of bobbin area.  I don’t know the technical term.  I am new at this.  I then snapped the part on and within seconds we were sewing.

Both my friend and my husband were there to witness my idiocy.  Good thing they both still love me.

I believe we should use my name as a verb from now on.  Morgan: A verb: when a individual has lost the ability to use their brain.

It could be used in a sentence:  “Man, I had such a Morgan moment today.”


2 responses to “I’m an idiot…. I admit it freely

  • psireallylovethis

    Hey just dropping in from SITS!I must say that that sort of thing happens to me all the time. I just laugh at myself and say "ohh guess my brain wasn't working.." lol But honestly, sometimes I truly believe my brain has left my head entirely.

  • Life with Kaishon

    Oh my goodness! I just want to say that I TOTALLY feel your frustrations in regards to sewing! I was the worst sewer in my 8th grade home ec class. I failed my bookbag!

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