It’s WAR

I have staged war on Aphids.  What are aphids you ask. They are disgusting little bugs that make your garden their food and leave it a wasteland. 

Here is my strategy
1. Have herbs and flowers planted through out the garden to ward off the Aphids and other “bad” bugs that get any funny ideas of having lunch
2. Attract Birds with the flowers and using only organic pesticides in the backyard – Birds eat bad bugs
3. Make an organic pesticide that eats Aphids for lunch

The herbs have worked marvelously on ground level.  I inspect my plants almost daily for eggs and other bugs that can cause problems and have found very little.  The only place I have found them are on the Mammoth Sunflowers.  My Sunflowers are over six feet tall to they are using the leaves for a breeding ground….well they WERE using it as their own personal “Love Shack.”  I made an organic pesticide, which I learned from our local garden guru The Garden Guy, with vegetable oil, blue dishwashing liquid and water and applied it on the infestation .  They are now EX-bugs. 

Whew – Crisis averted in the garden. 

Here is what I am doing this morning –

Drying Italian Parsley…

Now I need to find some glass herb jars so when they are dry I can sell them or keep them!


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