Requirements to live in a Double-Wide

 Image from Goggle….This is not what I saw but I did think it was kinda cool

 This fourth of July holiday my boys and I went up north to visit the Grandparents and by up “north” I mean Kingman, AZ.  The trip was great in two parts.  Part one; the actual visit with the Grandparents was wonderful and I know the boys had a blast.  Part two; I learned a plethora about trailers.  So what did I learn (prepare yourself it will be a list)

Requirements for living in a trailer:
1.  A chain link fence is mandatory
2. Multi-colored Christmas lights are not mandatory but highly incouraged
3. Haphazardly constructed steps leading to the front door are always fun
4. Always have several dogs circling the yard 
5. Old broken appliances scattered randomly through out the property is lawn decoration
6. ALWAYS have someone sitting out front without a shirt – regardless of weight or time of day
7. Although you are living in a trailer owning several cars is a must. *Note: They do not need to be in working order*
8. Old furniture can be recycled to new lawn furniture – the ultimate recycling…
Now, my in-laws do NOT live in a trailer.  They just purchased a lovely home but you do have to drive through trailers to get to their home….
Disclaimer time *I have no problem with anyone living in a trailer! I am just commenting on what I saw in some of the properties!!! I have seen wonderful homes that are “trailers” but you would have never noticed!*

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