Girls Night Out – Do you get one?

Girls Night Out.  What are the images that first pop into your mind?  Relaxing, carefree, youthful, careless, laughter, calming…….
Those are some of the images that pop into my mind and guess what, I had the opportunity to have a true Girls Night Out.  I have not had an evening that was so much fun in a long time.  This evening began me wondering (always a dangerous task) why it was that I had not gone out more often…and then my five year old through a paper airplane in my lap.

I had kids at a fairly young age, 23.  I say fairly young because by today’s standard I tend to be on the younger side in relation to my kiddos age, however if you go back into Shakespeare’s era (yes that is an era,  it is right along side the days of yore)  I am an old lady. So I, at 23, and my husband, 25 at the time, dove head first into family life. We reevaluated our priorities and changed our life for the better.  I am extremely proud of how we are being molded and how we have grown up into our perspective roles but now I am noticing I am entering a new role of motherhood that is foreign.  I am  no longer the mother of babies but a mother of boys.  Meaning I have been venturing out more, trusting babysitters, and really enjoying the attributes of children that are becoming more and more self sufficient.

That being said I am going out more with my friends and leaving the boys at home to bond with daddy and here is the kicker-  I don’t feel guilty or worried!  I am not worried if a baby spit up all their food and are desperately awaiting my return because I didn’t pump enough. I am not worried about extra diapers, spit up, sleeping patterns, etc.  I can go out and know that my kiddos are fine with Daddy and are probably having a much better time playing with him than with me!  I love it! 

My question of the night is; Do you still get Girls Night Out?  Have you returned to it after a long time away? What would you do? What is your definition of a Girls Night Out?  OH, and how long has it been since you have been out, even on a date with the husband? 


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