Versatile…That’s right, I am one Versatile Blogger

I was given another award!  I am feeling so special!  Be careful everyone, I feel my head expanding with self importance by the second.  Thanks Shandy from Domestically Challenged Momma!

Guess what I did, I looked up the synonyms of Versatile.  Here are the few that I really like:

Yup! I would say that describes me perfectly!!
well, not completely
Now it is my turn to pass it on and play the blogger award game…
1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Share seven things about you
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs
4. Let your nominees know about the award
Things about me: I am not going to list seven
1. I get my blog topics/ideas when I am in the bathroom getting ready.  The best ideas come to me when I am brushing my teeth!
2. I talk to myself A LOT but I have never done it in front of my husband.  I am really self conscious of that little trait 
3. I can eat an entire bag of Oreos in a 24 hour period and I have! Not my finest moment
4. I hate doing the dishes but I love doing the laundry.  
5. I read the end of book before I have reached chapter 3.  My logic is this; if I believe that the book is going to have me really engrossed I MUST know some of the outcome in order to prep myself for something sad or to look forward to the happy ending. Odd, I know, but I didn’t say you had to understand it! 

Now to pass it on: Again I am breaking the rules

Alright- I am off to collapse on the couch with my multi-talented, gifted, and adaptable self.


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