Suckfest 2010……what an inappropriate title….

What a rotten 24 hours.  Truly terrible. Suckfest.

It started yesterday as the boys and I were returning home from running errands. We got gas and after I started the car I noticed that the ac was not pumping the cold air that I know and LOVE during our 100+ summers.  I tried turning it off and on, then I tried the car, and about halfway home I finally gave in and admitted it was dead.  The boys and I drove home with all the windows down and even though they loved it, I was sweating so much there was a pool under the seat. Now the engine is flooded with my sweat….There is an image for you.

We get home and I strip down to pjs and go to bed early…. however I didn’t hit the hay until I had a large bowl of therapeutic ice cream.

This morning I notice I have a fun little email from a financial institution that will go unnamed. I am not going to go into too much detail but it was not good news.  We aren’t defaulting or have any late payments but this is an unexpected and large bill.  UGH!!! When it rains it pours.  (Oh, did I mention that I started the day in a really bad mood?)

The good news about this experience is that I did not “freak” out.  There was no panic mode or screaming.  I just took it all in and then had myself a little cry.  I am not good with stress and we just got a healthy dose of stress causing incidents. Some serious praying needs to be happening right about now.

OK- I am done venting….Here is the good part of today.  I got a surprise present from the folks over at MOM magazine! Perfect timing!

Look at all those goodies!!! The companies and individual business owners that advertise in MOM magazine sent out gifts for us to use and review if we wanted to!!! Are you kidding me?! I will let you know right now that that shark floaty in the back (the name is in the kitchen and I am not walking there right now) is AWESOME.  My five year old sticks his arm into sleeves and it snaps around the back and he can swim in the pool!  We really needed one of these and we were blessed with one! 

Now, there was some progress in the garden department today but I wanted to whine and complain instead of talking about my success in the backyard.  I am off to have a glass of wine and some more therapeutic ice cream.


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