The Fight for our Home

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I have been on the fence about this post for a little while now.  In fact, I have already written one version but I didn’t like the final outcome so I started over….

My husband and I are fighting for our home.  If you remember from the post, Suckfest 2010, I mentioned a large bill that was unexpected and awful.  Well, our lender has raised the mortgage insurance on our home and it is not in our budget.

I am not sure exactly why it was raised… I did start doing some research on the “trusty” internet and found the the Federal Government recently passed a bill allowing lenders to raise the Mortgage Insurances on homeowners.  I also found that your lender may consider canceling your Insurance if you made your payments on time for over two years or if you have paid over a certain percentage of mortgage. Well, we called and asked to speak to the mortgage department about both and they were not helpful at all.

We are now looking for a home loan modification but if we are correct they will probably refuse the change.

I am absolutely heartbroken and frustrated.  My husband and I made sure we did not buy out of our price range and we made sure that we got a mortgage that we could afford.  We live modestly and we are striving to become completely debt free and be good stewards with the gifts that we have been given. 

I have told my close friends all the dirty little details and have cried numerous times.  However through my tears I have been confident in one thing, my faith in Christ. I have yet to blame Him. I have not accused or screamed accusations at Him. My relationship and trust in Him has remained FIRM.  This sucks and I wish it wasn’t happening but it is and the only true thing I can do is hang on tight to Christ and go for the ride.

I will say I have already learned one thing, it is easier to fight when you feel as if you have nothing to lose.  I trust God and I know either way we will get through this.

AND – It’s still not fair.


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