I split my melon…

My garden has had some interesting changes…not all good.

Something is eating my Cilantro. I am actually angry.  The Cilantro did not take off like I had hoped and I only have one little bunch growing. I went out there yesterday and noticed that all the leaves were stripped off!  UGH!


I looked up from the herb garden and found that I had a new melon grown and it was pretty sizable!  That makes 4 growing on the trellis and one on the garden bed.  Yum… In fact we picked our first melon the other day.  First Fruit!

It is on the small size but the taste was remarkable. I read in The Garden Guy’s book that fresh melon has a really strong smell and taste and he wasn’t kidding.  When I picked it up I could smell it just holding it and it was so sweet! 
Now I have to get off the computer.  My five year old keeps coming in and telling me that I am being boring and he wants a movie….Also I am going on a MOPS retreat this weekend so I need to pack…I can’t wait for the break.

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