Have you ever seen a Squash Bug?

I did some major work in the garden this morning and boy did it need it.  I had been letting it get out of control because it was so hot outside and I was in such a bad mood…..Here is a news flash, you can tell what my overall attitude is by the condition of my garden.  If I am doing well and happy with life in general my garden thrives and I have growth everywhere….when I start to get sad, frustrated or angry it starts to die.  Something to think about…Can we see the Spiritual aspect there?!  ANYWAYS

My pumpkin plants were attacked with squash bugs.  They are disgusting, multiply fast, and will destroy the crop.  I learned this last year when I didn’t realize what they were and allowed them to eat my plants!!


Those suckers are going down…. Here is what they look like –

YUCK… As soon as I took this picture I promptly squished him.

It is because of these bugs that I had to trim back all my pumpkin plants and cut off every leaf that had any sign of eggs on it.  I then created a trellis with the materials I had on hand…It isn’t very good but it is working and I think it got rid of the bugs…

Not the best shot….It is green coated wire that I attached to the top of the canopy and then stapled to the bottom of the garden box.  We are on a budget and I couldn’t run to the store for extra supplies….

Another shot. A side angle
Now during my purge I discovered a new melon growing and got a good look of my first pumpkin of the season.
Aren’t they pretty?!  I know I am a dork!  
I have never trellis pumpkins so I don’t know if it will work or if I can even hang pumpkins with panty hose.  This is an experiment.  I do know that now I can see if any more of those obnoxious bugs appear and then I can kill them!!! 

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