Lettuce Tacos and the swallowed tooth

Mmmm…would you look at that?! That was dinner last night!  Now I am sure that you culinary artists out there have already done this dinner but for someone like me, that was working with very little and on the fly, this is dinner is pretty great.
I returned from my retreat on Sunday and was exhausted.  My husband and the boys did a great job of keeping the house clean and not leaving me with anything to do on my first night home.  However, yesterday was a different story…we don’t have too much food left.  Two boys and a husband can do some major damage to the food supply if left alone and all I had to work with was half a head of lettuce, ground beef, two Roma tomatoes and half an onion.  
So I decided that we would have healthy tacos for dinner… I seasoned the ground beef with my Taco Seasoning, which I had been saving for an occasion such as this, and then added the extras.
Now as you can see from the picture the recipe is pretty self explanatory and because of that I am not posting the recipe.
The best part of the meal is that both the boys gobbled it up.  They do not like tortillas very much so the lettuce was a welcomed part.  In my five year olds second helping I noticed that one of his bottom front teeth was missing!  My five year old lost his first tooth!  I was so excited that I made him spit out all of his food immediately and I started searching it for the tooth. I didn’t even realize that I was freaking him out and blood had started dripping off his lip.  I felt so bad!  He started crying and then balling once we realized he had swallowed it!  OOPS!  
(The meal that pulled out the tooth)
Oh well, once we calmed down we had the discussion about the tooth fairy, how losing a tooth is a pretty big milestone, and his is turning into a big guy!  Crisis averted…..
I have two posts today so I am going to leave with that story!  Did you have any funny stories regarding loose teeth and their final destination?.

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