Schmiegel and a roll of toliet paper

I was debating between posting about the first day of school or stockpiling.  I decided stockpiling because the first day of school for my oldest is tomorrow.  That is some smart thinkin’ on my part….

What are your thoughts on stockpiling?  Do you know what I am referring to when I say stockpiling?  In case you do not I am referring to the fairly new phenomenon of stockpiling nonperishable groceries and I am huge fan.  
I first started about a year ago with the help of Pinching Your Pennies however I recently joined Coupon Sense and I have really noticed the supply increase.  It has saved us a lot when we are in a pinch and have run out of the cash allotted for grocery shopping.  Remember we are on a cash only budget….

I am asking you because I have noticed that many people have a very strong opinions regarding stockpiling and coupons etc… Some think it is great and some think it is a waste of time. 

What are your opinions, Ya or Nay?  Is this a habit that I should keep hidden?

Watch out, the next time you see me I may look increasingly like Schmiegel and petting a roll of toilet paper  calling it my precious….


5 responses to “Schmiegel and a roll of toliet paper

  • Melanie

    Stockpile of course! I have 9 toothbrushes and 7 things of dental floss in my stockpile. Ha! There haven't been any good Cheerios sales lately, bummer, as I need to stockpile. The problem with my family is that they eat it all before I can stockpile some more!

  • April

    hahah Schmiegel. I don't stockpile, but I do use coupons for items I will or do need. So, I guess I sometimes mini stockpile. we don't have enough storage for me to stockpile. Not against it though.

  • Anonymous

    Schmiegel looks like he would trade the Gold Ring for a few wipes of that soft Toilet Paper! LOL

  • Keri

    I can't do it. I don't have the room to store stuff. Besides, my life is never that pedictible, I'd hate to have to move a lot of stuff. How crazy is that? Hey come over and enter to win the $40.00 GiftCard Giveaway. Great Odds. You could win. Keri

  • Arizona Mom

    Stockpiling is very useful for my budget and has revoluntionized our finances with Coupon $ense. I've learned through trial and error the quantities I need and what is excess. My 20 packages of toilet paper will definitely get used but I cannot eat 8 containers of mayonnaise before they expire so I only have two. Don't get me started on toothbrushes, razors, shampoo, boxes of cereal, and pasta!

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