We are going to rock your socks off

The first day of school has come and gone and I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.

The day was a little frantic at first.  We all (including my husband) got up at 6 to start getting ready for the big day.   Pancakes were made for the big boy and we talked about the possibilities that were awaiting him at school.  There are new friends to be made, new things to be learned, and a lot of growing up that will be happening.  It was during this discussion that I had a moment that resembled the one in Father of the Bride.  I suddenly saw him as an 18 year old talking to me instead of my precious 5 year old. It was then I realized that time does really fly by.

This entire year I couldn’t wait for school to start.  I have been counting the days and thinking of the exciting trips that were going to take place during vacations.  I was really looking forward to living on a schedule.  I am/was a little tired of the preschool routine that basically goes with the flow.  But now as I watch my little one walk into class BY HIMSELF it is difficult.   I am not there to hold his hand and keep a watchful eye on him.  I am not there to watch for bullies or help him up the ladder for the monkey bars. He is growing up and I slowly have to let go.

It is hard to let your little one go and not be in control of every situation.  Especially if that is the only world that either of you have known for four years.  It is incredibly difficult not to let your own past experiences from school take over and make a protective bubble over them.  It is a challenge and as much as I am excited at this new step we are taking I am a little sad…..

However, we are ready for our new reality and we have some awesome determination to do well!

Bring it Kindergarten – We will rock your socks off!

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