My wrist hurts

It has been awhile since I posted….Well, at least in the bloggy world it has been a while.  We have been hit pretty hard with a lot different situations in the last couple of days so my desire to do anything has all but diminished.

I did, however, make some new items.  Very relaxing and I am adding to my inventory:

I also just got some GREAT patterns for new hats! I am so excited about them!!  The green one up top is actually one of the new patterns, Sweet Pea.  Now I need to find a baby to try them on!!


2 responses to “My wrist hurts

  • Mama Hen

    I am following you from Top Mommy Blogs! I look forward to following your blog! Come visit Mama's Little Chick and Mama's Little Nestwork! Come join my new network of amazing bloggers and get your blog noticed. Have a great night! Mama

  • Nancy - How to Homemaker and Basketmaster

    Visiting from SITS and am enjoying your blog. Your crochet items are so pretty as I like to crochet and craft myself.Have a happy SITS day!Nancy

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