Need a good title…Need a good title… Oh forget it – Read me.

Hey…are you guys still there….I know I am not a frequent poster but I do still post….. Onwards…

If you are a regular reader than you already know that I am currently adapting to a new schedule and a new life.  It is a little odd but I know we will eventually hit a sense of normalcy and until that point my posts and probably my life will be erratic at best.  That is a good blog name, Erratic at Best.  Take it if you want it, consider it a little gift from me.  Ugh, I digress AGAIN –

Since the five year old is off to school in the AM my 3 year old and I have some time together and we are actually enjoying it.  Yesterday we went into the garden to massacre more squash bugs, pick some bell pepper and get some lemon basil for drying.

Look there is his hand trying to grab the yellow bell pepper.  No, this picture isn’t posed at all…..right. It took me bribing him with chocolate milk to get this picture

After picking and washing guess what else I did……

Mopped the floor.  My husband was actually standing on the right hand side making fun of me for this picture….Now that I look a little closer I think I could have done a better job. Oh well.

Finally – Here is my newest creation.

Better pictures will be taken tomorrow in the sunlight.  Cheapo Crapo doesn’t take great pictures in general and when you add poor lighting everything looks bad. 

Now that I have told you my happenings what is everyone else up to with their kiddos at school?


3 responses to “Need a good title…Need a good title… Oh forget it – Read me.

  • Melanie

    Very cute hat. I love it!

  • Shelley

    That floor looks good to me!! My kids still have two weeks before they go back, trust me, I'm ready. My oldest will start 9th grade this year and my youngest will start 3rd. The middle guy goes inthe 8th. I am so looking forward to having some quiet time around here during the day again. Or at least be on some kind of schedule. For the life of me, I can't figure out why our school district doesn't do year round schooling. Oh well, that little hat is fabulous. Are you going to be marketing them?

  • Morgan

    Shelley, I actually sell those hats on my etsy store! Thank you for asking!

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