Garden and the fight for our home – Stage 2

This month has been absolutely insane and it feels as if I have been running around like a chicken with their head cut off….However I am taking a moment to give a little update.

The garden is about to get a major change over.  I am DONE with summer crops.  Ugh, I hate summer.  I went out today and completely cut down and out my pumpkin plant.  I will never plant pumpkins again because of squash bugs, YUCK.  

I came across a great recipe to kill crickets and roaches in my Garden Guy book.  Equal parts of powder sugar and Arm & Hammer laundry detergent will wipe those suckers out.  I tested it in my herb garden earlier this week because we had a major infestation of crickets and this morning they were all but gone.


I have chosen to keep everyone update on the battle for our home and maybe I can get and give advice about this entire process. I am positive that there is another family that reads my blog that has had this problem.
Here is where we are at….After I posted about fighting for our home my husband really looked over the mortgage.  It isn’t our PMI that was raised but rather our taxes.  Our taxes jumped up a 113 dollars.  We still can not afford this jump.  We called our lender and they refused to speak to us until we miss a payment!  Are you kidding me?!   We decided to miss a payment this month and we have waited for a response and guess what…nothing.  We are calling this week however I am torn because due to my experience working in a major bank I KNOW that the person on the other end is not a professional.  They are individual that needed a job and got a quick lesson in mortgage and bullying customers. 

How far up do we need to go to talk to someone about our payments?  Why are they refusing to talk to a family that has always made their payments on time?  These are questions that will be solved and I am going to drag you guys along for the ride…

Now, even though this house thing is huge and really has the capability of dragging ones spirit through the mud both my husband and I are doing great.  Christ has really given us a healthy dose of peace in our hearts and I am not really too worried. 
Philippians 4:6
Do not worry about anything, instead, Pray about everything.
It really works- You should try it.

2 responses to “Garden and the fight for our home – Stage 2

  • Turning the Clock Back

    Squash bugs apparently also like cucumbers, cantelope and SQUASH…I discovered that in my own gardening nightmares!Good luck with the house thing. I figure we are only given what we are capable of handling, right?Diane

  • Jessie Geroux

    Im gonna have to try that roach and cricket remedy-we live in family housing on the poly tech campus at ASU and this place is nearly overrun by sewer roaches–plus we have a plot in the co-op garden and it gets lots of bugs too so this sounds great!Last year we went through a lot of financial problems ourselves and I can relate to the frustration that comes from always trying to do the right thing with nothing in return

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