Reasons to have a junker car

I own a junker car.  It isn’t horrible or a death trap for my kids but it is defiantly a junker.  When we first bought it over a year ago I was actually a little embarrassed to drive it and my husband is STILL embarrassed. However, embarrassment or not, I now believe that having a junker car is a great idea for families getting out of debt plus you have the added bonus of being able to name it.
Old junker cars always deserve a name, and ours is THE PIMP MOBILE.  My husband refuses to use this name and calls it by its’ birth name, the Volvo.

Here are my reasons why to own a junker:  (below this list I am going to list all the problems with my car!)
-No car payments.  We bought the Pimp Mobile in cash
-We don’t have to refill the tank frequently because it is a local only driver (no freeways allowed)
-We don’t care about how great it looks – No rims for him!
-You get to name it

Here is what is wrong with the Pimp Mobile.
-The sun roof is broken.  We opened it and it only made 2/3 of the way back up.  It sucks during the heat and it is amusing if driven during the rain….UNLESS your husband took the good car and you were forced to take the PIMP Mobile to the store and had a rain soaked shirt upon arrival.
-The AC is intermittent.  It typically blows cold but sometimes it goes lukewarm
-When the drivers side door is open is does an extremely loud CREAK.  Always a treat at the gas station.
-The tinting is not really tinted anymore…it also has bubbles
-Windshield wipers – Yup, those are a no go. However please remember we live in the desert so rain isn’t too frequent
-One thing that DOES work- The butt seat warmers in the driver and passenger seats.  Nothing like a hot butt to keep you warm in the winter

The moral of the story, Junker cars can be good investments if you are working on your debt or saving up for something better. 

OH, if you are ever in Arizona and see a man trying cover half his face in an old black Volvo, give him a little wave, it’s probably my husband!


9 responses to “Reasons to have a junker car

  • Jessie Geroux

    we have a clunker car our $900 94 Ford Taurus that we paid cash for off of craigslist..I cant even list the embarrassing things this car has wrong with it..but it gets us from point A-point B and the a/c works ridiculously well.We also bought the worship pastors s10 pick up truck earlier this year (its much too small for our family) but we had the cash and its in GREAT condition with very LOW miles on it and it also gets us from point A-point B and has stellar a/cWe will never have a car payment ever again…if we cant pay cash for it we wont buy it.

  • Shelley

    For the first time in sixteen years, my husband and I have no car payments. I'm not sure how we ever made them. Of course, not having those two payments has allowed the dear man to stop working so much overtime and spend more time doing what he loves. So that in itself if a blessing.My truck is banged up but is still running and I pray that it will continue to do so for many years to come. I am not eaten up with a desire to go get something new or even something different. I love my truck. Thanks for the story. It really made me laugh about your husband trying to hide his face while driving it.

  • Melanie

    Ahhh, tohe Volvo, gotta love it!! We are working on getting our beater car paid off, s/b by tax time-woohooo!! The hubby won't let me drive a beater, wants me and the boys to have all the safety options so we're stuck with at least one car pmnt, although I wish it was less!! Ah well, one car payment gone will be nice enough. I'll be sure to wave really big when I see J on the way to work driving TPB….M

  • Miss. Crafty

    I love the name! Who wouldn't want to call their car the Pimp Mobile? Silly men. Mine was bought gently used (a year old) but I still named her, as I have all my cars, regardless of age. She's a white SUV, and after rejecting many wrong names, I found the right one. She is the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Car (as in the car the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters would drive), we call her Marshmallow for short. πŸ™‚

  • Prairie Mother

    We just got rid of a Volvo JUST like that one!! (It leaked oil so many places that the mechanic couldn't pinpoint them and the sound of the brakes were a scary thing. Among other maladies) Oh my, it was a junker too. But no car payment was a great thing! Definitely good for those trying to get out of debt. Glad you can laugh about it, cuz that's about all you can do with a junker car πŸ™‚

  • Morgan

    I LOVE that I am not the only one with junker!

  • Lynn

    Yeah, I got one of these too…love that I don't to worry about every little ding that I invariably get after every trip to the grocery store. Happy SITS Day! Love the blog!

  • jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas

    If so many people weren't living beyond their means, there'd be a lot more junkers on the road with us!! πŸ™‚ Anyway, Volvo's age gracefully! Happy SITS day!

  • cornflakegirl74

    I have a junker, too. He's a 95 red Honda Civic and the damn thing WON'T DIE! I've heard the same about Volvos, that they last forever. I have the same issue with my sunroof, which is extremely annoying because there's a ton of rain in New York (where my car currently lives) so after a heavy rain, I usually end up with a soaking wet bottom and looking like a drowned rat. It's really sexy. But they have character. That's another one to add to your list πŸ™‚

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