A GIVEAWAY – Grocery Gift Certificate and Help your local school!!

 Safeway and BlogSpark have teamed up and are helping out our schools with BoxTops!  I am so excited!  Especially since I actually know what a BoxTop is now!

The official stuff:

Safeway, in conjuncture with Box Tops, is going to give 10% of the purchase price of all participating products to the local school of your choice!!!!   So not only are you going to be getting items with the BoxTop printed on the box, you are going to making the school extra money just through the purchase.

Safeway will send you a 25 dollar gift card to help you in your shopping efforts.  Once you receive your card go shopping!

Here’s how it works:

  • Check your receipt from August 11 – September 14. The total will be updated each time you shop.
  • Beginning on September 18, a redemption code will be printed at the bottom of your receipt.
  • Visit backtoschools.escrip.com before October 13 to choose your favorite participating local school, then simply enter your redemption code to make your donation.

I am making this a fast giveaway contest. I waited a little longer than I thought I had so the end time will be  Monday, August 30.  I will email Blogspark the winner immediately and you can expect your gift card from Safeway that week!

Would you like to win and help your school – Here are my rules:

1. Become a follower if you aren’t already and let me know – if you are veteran tell me so.

2. Send me something pretty……Just kidding!!!!  (kinda – I will take it but isn’t a requirement)

That’s it.  I just want to get someone out there shopping for their kiddos.

Now go help your local schools!  They need it and we all know that teachers definitely deserve it!!!


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