The Apron made me do it….

Did you miss me…I haven’t blogged in over a week!  I know that so many of you are just waiting and devouring every single word I write so the gap must have been agonizing.

I haven’t really done anything extremely creative in the last week. I have been pumping out hats from my own personal sweat shop and working on MOPS. Those two activities alone have kept me from my blogging world and now I think I am able to return. 

Now I will take you on a little trip into my evening…  

I have traveled back in time and have become the 1950s stereotypical housewife. I have been wearing my apron since 4pm today.  I came home from a busy day went straight to the kitchen and proceeded to put on my apron.  I needed to start cooking dinner but after I began I lost track of time and what I was wearing.  I did my daily chores in an apron and even talked to a neighbor in my front yard…IN MY APRON.

The first shot of me in my apron right after I noticed my apron wearing trend…
Doing the dishes after dinner…There is the apron
Turning on the XBOX for the kiddos
And now blogging…in my apron.
This experience has taught me me two things; 
1. An apron is convenient however makes me feel old if wearing it around the house.
I am not cute enough to pull it off
2.There is no such thing as a flattering shot of me from this angle.
Aww…that was worth it!

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