Unexpected Goodie box

Wabam – I’m back!  Just so you know the green been fight did not end in victory.  I forgot that I left them out after his first fit and the little guy didn’t have to eat them when we got home. I did make sure he had veggies for a snack but I lost that one.  Oh well….

Guess what I got in the mail two days ago?!  A box full of goodies from the Mom magazine!  It was such an unexpected treat!!!    Here are some of the goodies that I got!   Stay with me here because there are some AWESOME nursery photos that make me wish I had this magazine sooner…

The loot!  A lot of this is baby stuff so I will be donating them to my MOPS group but I can’t get over how much baby stuff there is now!  I am continually trying to remember if all these options were available when I was pregnant. Do you remember these options?!
This I am keeping.  Munchkin has made drawer freshners with Arn and Hammer.  My boys room NEEDS this.  I don’t understand how they make their room smell like old socks but no matter how many time I do the wash and clean their room it always smells in a matter of days.
Glenna Jean. I don’t know who your are or where you came from but where were you when I was choosing themes for my nursery.
Just look at how beautiful this decor is?  I am sure this cost a ton of money but so many of you are talented enough to make it yourself….
I am really excited about these Laundry Dropps.  They are eco-friendly and safe for my front loader washer.  I do make my own detergent but now I can be lazy for a little while!
Now that I have bragged about my box of goodies I will stop.  It really isn’t fair but I couldn’t help myself!

2 responses to “Unexpected Goodie box

  • Jamie

    Looks like a lot of great stuff!Sorry to hear the green bean stronghold did not last. Better luck on your next try.

  • EmptyNester

    When considering the fact that the last time I was pregnant was 1991, then YES! I am completely amazed at all the wonderful products out there–for pregnancy and babies! It's almost like Christmas getting a package like that, isn't it?

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