Is there something that you just can’t stand?

Is there something that your husband has brought home or has owned that you are not too fond of?  Maybe it is something that really grates on your nerves of perhaps it is easily looked over but it isn’t something you would have thought of as decoration…..

When my husband and I got married over six years ago he had two “decoration” pieces that I hated!  I mean loathed from the very depth of my being.  The first was a cityscape that was made out of metal and it hung on the wall.  It was heavy and ugly.  It reminded me of one of those tacky pieces that Joey, from Friends, decorated his apartment with.  My husband of course loved it and thought it was very “metro-sexual.”….Yes, you read that right.  The other items (plural) that I couldn’t handle were the swords/daggers.  I don’t know when men, in today’s society, thought that swords from the local Renaissance fair would make handsome art pieces but it needs to stop.  ESPECIALLY when there is NOTHING else in the home that even resembles a Renaissance theme. (Just a little tip from me to you…They aren’t even historically accurate!  AAAAHHHH! Come on!)

 UGH, I really hated these things. I still do.  Maybe it is my background in Art History or simple good taste but those two bits of decor quickly were taken down and stored under the bed, never to be heard of again. 

I bring this up because my husband frequently brings displays home for my kids and the play room.  I typically don’t have a problem with it because the boys love it and it is never a permanent addition.  Well, we are now the proud owners of four Iron Man cutouts…FOUR.  I don’t think all four are intended for the five and three year old….One is currently in my kitchen for some reason….

In good sport, I did not band the cutouts. In fact, I hung two of them up in the boys room. That’s right, I’m an awesome mom.

They love them and my husband thinks it looks pretty cool. I, however, will nod and smile, give them all kisses, and silently count the days until they go and live in the trash….


2 responses to “Is there something that you just can’t stand?

  • Pamela Hazelton

    That's why every home needs to come equipped with a Man Cave…

  • Jamie

    OHHH! Yes, I think every woman has gone through this. With my husband it is not just wall "art." I grudgingly agreed to buy the sofa and oversized chair and ottomon that he LOVED! They were suppose to go in the downstairs family room after two years and we would pick new furniture for the Living room. 5 years later, He still loves the oversized man chair and wants to keep it in the living room. GRRRR!He also has a set of armor. Like a real knight. I have to agree with your assesment, unless you live in an English style castle home, they just look silly! He has to keep it in his office. Bwaahahahaha!The cut outs look pretty cool in the boys room. Hang in there and know you are not alone!

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