The blurry double ringer came to visit!

If you follow my Facebook fanpage (you should follow it because it is extremely amusing and I am always on it…whereas here it is about a weekly thing) you know that I have been anxiously waiting at my door for the UPS man to show up with my box of goodies. 

I was literally standing at my doors peep hole every time I heard a big truck….waiting for this guy…

Oh, oops, ha ha, that’s not MY UPS guy…this is the Google image of a UPS man that popped up after I searched “cute UPS man.”  *Cough, Ahem*  Moving on…
My UPS man is a blur and a double ringer.  Well, the blurry double ringer paid a visit to my house yesterday!  And because I am such a geek this is what I was so excited about:
YARN!  A box full of yarn! I was having difficulty finding some of these colors at my local fabric/craft/everything under the sun stores so I went online.  The best part is that I finally got BROWN COTTON YARN
Now, you have every right to be laughing at me.  This is a pretty dorky post but I had to share it with you. I will now also tell you that I watched the double ringing blur drop off the package on my porch, ring the doorbell and jog back to his truck ALL FROM MY PEEPHOLE.   MWAH HA HA!!!

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