My shaddy neighbors

 This is an image from The Burbs not my neighborhood… I don’t stand out front in a bad bikini, well not all the time.

I am living the movie The Burbs.  No joke. Okay, well a little of a joke, but I will tell you why.

We moved into our quaint little house (quaint is a nice way of saying small) about three years ago.  Yes, the same quaint house that is causing such a hassle with Chase.  Anyways, our neighborhood was new and there were a lot of families just like ours moving in.  It was nice.  Well, in recent months some of the new families moving in are a little scary.  My neighbors are the case in point.

WE NEVER SEE THEM.  We know they bought the house and we know they moved in.  We saw the truck, we saw the stuff, we saw THEM.  I was a little excited about the prospect of a family moving in next door instead of the two older women that used to occupy the house.  And if I didn’t know better something shady went down with that mother/daughter combo, they just disappeared one day too. It’s odd. It’s creepy.

What is going on in that house?! They never use lights. I mean never.  The driveway lights are always on but the lights in the house never seemed to be used.  Now please don’t think I am peeking out my windows constantly because I am not. I have a backyard that gives me a clear view of their home so spying is easy…  I’m KIDDING…sort-of…*cough cough*

I occasionally here the garage door open and the rolling of the garbage can out but I never see anything else.  And here is the kicker… They STOLE our trashcan and replaced it with theirs! Are you kidding?  Now we have this disgusting trash can that is so much worse than ours.  The outside is covered in gross crusty junk. Oh and if you are wondering how we know that they stole it. Our trashcan has two visable marks on it. One from me running into it in the garage, yes I did that, and a “art” from my once three year old son.

Shaddy things are happening out here…..I really hope they don’t read my blog.


3 responses to “My shaddy neighbors

  • Jessie Geroux

    LOL–at our old house we had neighbors that would repeatedly switch out their crusty garbage can with a broken lid with our newer non broken lid can..and I would switch it back.. I just waited until their were dumped and pulled MINE back in and left THEIRS in their spot LOL-Even if I put the can out on the opposite side not right next to theirs they would switch it-its sort of disconcerting to me to now hear that they werent the only weirdos…unless of course its the same people…but tis also funny to know Im not the only one that would notice this and be irritated by it

  • Jamie

    Oh my! Weird things indeed.I wanted to say Thank you!! When I returned from vacation last night your package was here waiting for me. I love it all. We will be picking up the treats at the market this afternoon.

  • ~Crazy 4 Daizies~

    A friend of mine posted a link to your etsy shop for hats, so I was checking it out—-very cute stuff btw!—and I saw your blog listed there so had to stop by and check out the story behind the hats! I read this post and couldn't help but identify with it. This so reminds me of my own neighbours that just moved in across the road. There are several adults living there, and we saw them move in, and every day we saw a truck pulling a horse trailer (no horses here in town, so what is in there?) backing into the driveway. We would sit and watch, and make up stories as to what they might be up to? Where do they go every day? Who all lives there? Why are there so many adults in that house? Are there dead bodies in the trailer? LOL. Creepy, I know! Great blog!

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