I’m famous…Didn’t you know?!

Do you hear that inflating sound?  Listen…carefully…there it is… It sounds like someone is blowing up a balloon.  Well, it’s not a balloon, its my big head!  I am famous, kinda, in a Mops and church people have passed my info around kind of way.

Here is the deal.  Today I participated in my second boutique for Becoming Homegrown and I did really well.  My hats sold quickly and I got a lot of compliments! I was doing the crazy Calvin and Hobbes happy dance in my head and acting calm and cool on the outside.  It was during a couple of these calm and cool transactions I had the customers tell me that they knew who I was because they are regular readers of my blog!  Insane!  That is when my head started to expand…By the end of the boutique, my head was so large I found it difficult to get in the car.

I can’t believe I met people that actually read my stuff and were are under no obligation ( i.e. friends, family, guilt trips.) to do so.   Right now  they are probably reading this thinking, “Holy crap, she is really blowing this out of proportion.”  Well, that’s right I am! So read on my good people! Read the odd stories that I feel the need to share with you. Read my complaints and fascinating commentaries on life. Read on!!! ….AND please don’t tell me when you stop because of this post….

*image found on Google.com


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