Episencial Review- Healthy skincare/haircare for the kiddos

I am not big on review writing.  I typically stick with reviews that included a giveaway but when MommyParties invited me to review and then write my results on an organic skincare line for kids I jumped for the chance.

Episencial is a new skincare line that is made organically and for your kiddos.  Kim Walls, the creator behind the line, ditched the harsh chemicals found in most skincare lines and added in the organic elements. The makers of Episencial focused gentle, “newborn safe” formulas that help boost the skins immune functions. 

They actually sent me their entire skincare line to test out and all the items I have used, I have really enjoyed. My kids were the test subjects of the Playful Foaming Wash, Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath, Better Body Butter, and Soothing Cream.  The bubble bath worked just like every bubble bath formula – LOTS of bubbles, but I really enjoyed knowing that my boys weren’t stewing in a pot of ingredients that I can’t pronounce…

The Playful Foaming Wash actually doubles as a shampoo and this is the product that I ADORE.  My three year olds hair was gorgeous after it dried! He is pretty shaggy in the hair department because he has wonderfully thick wavy hair and usually it looks a little frizzy and damaged.  Not anymore.  I promise you!  He is hair looks like a commercial, shiny and healthy!  My husband even commented about how good it had been looking lately. I LOVE IT!

The lotions are perfect and keep them moisturized as it should!  Honestly, it is a pet peeve of mine when my kiddos have really dry skin and I don’t like using my lotion on their little bodies but I don’t have to use much and they are good for the rest of the day!

One of the best parts of the Episencial package is that they have partnered up with Eric Carle so all the bottles are adorable.  My boys call it the caterpillar soaps.

So, I have distributed this products amongst my friends with little kids and am waiting the results. I wasn’t going to make them wash their children in my tubs to see how the products worked for them, that would be creepy. Now I would like to encourage you to check out the website and maybe try out a bottle or two for yourself.  I would say it is worth it!


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