Can I pack any more into the schedule?!

Are you like me?  Do you procrastinate? Do you pack as much stuff you can into a small amount of time and then collapse in a heap of exhaustion?  If you said yes to these questions, then GREAT, you are in good company.  If not, then you can laugh at me.  Keep track of the insanity!

As you all know, we are moving.  We are moving NEXT Wednesday.  Soon after I posted about our home, I went on an extreme search for a rental.  It is Christmas, I want to decorate and I want to do that in a home that is not filled with boxes.   Well, I found a home and within three days we signed the lease and scheduled a move in day.  Yup, I am that good….Actually, God is that good.  He gave us an AWESOME place.  Seriously, it’s amazing. I will post pictures as soon as we are in.

I am co-hospitality for our Mops group and because my partner in crime did an fantastic job on a busy meeting earlier in the year I took over decoration for the Christmas meeting.  I had to come up with a couple of ideas of decor…Check out the inspiration…

Cranberry centerpieces are beautiful, simple and perfect.

Now – Please note that this needs to be prepared by Tuesday of this upcoming week.  I am leaning towards a combo of all three….However the first photo will take more time that I have available.

Finally, I have a waiting list for hats! I still am working on hats from a hugely successful boutique in November.  I believe I have about 10 more to finish!  My goal is to have them done in the next week and a half!

The question I have for you is, Do you work well under pressure?  Because for some reason, I do.


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