Making Pine cones sparkle

This evening the boys and I dressed up our pine cones.   I think they look pretty good and I believe they will act as wonderful accents to a centerpiece or around the house.

Here is what you will need:
Mod Podge
Some type of paint brush
Glitter of your choosing.  I chose something that look different from the traditional glitter
Pine cones
(Please excuse the date in the corner.  My kids got a hold of the camera again and turned it on)
The supplies. 
As you can see I dumped the glitter on some newspaper so the cone could be rolled

I painted the ends of the Pine cones with mod podge and then rolled them in the glitter
The mod podge is drying but you get the idea. 
Here is one batch of finished cones. I really liked the white tips so on five cones I mixed in a little white paint with the mod podge and then rolled it in the glitter.
This is a horrible picture but I couldn’t get the lighting right to show off all the sparkle. (p.s. see the boxes in the background?!) 
There ya go.  A quick way to make your Pine cones sparkle.  That is if you have any or if you even want to..

6 responses to “Making Pine cones sparkle

  • Tanya B

    Great idea! The kids and I have a pile of pine cones waiting to be painted. I saw an article that suggested painting with Milk Paint. Do you know what this is? I didn't until looked it up because I couldn't find in our local, small town Wal Mart. I found a recipe to make it at home. Milk and lemon and let it sit over night. Needless to say, the pine cones look pitiful…so I think your idea of glitter will add a nice touch. Thanks for listening and thanks for the good idea. Love you Sister!

  • HeartBabyHome

    Looks cool! Never heard of mod podge. Is it just a fancy glue? Do you think this is too messy for a couple of 2 yr olds?

  • Morgan

    Mod Podge is an awesome tool for almost anything. You can find it at your local Michaels, Joanns, wal-mart etc!! This can definitely be done with a 2 year old. I did the painting and my three year old rolled it in glitter


    I love sparkly pinecones! I remember doing them with my kids and I still have them. They look great on a tree or mantel where the light really reflects off of them!Thanks for you kind words on my blog this morning!!! So sweet! -heather

  • Mod Podge Amy

    Love this Morgan! Great inexpensive decor idea!

  • lisa

    Adorable… I cheated last year and used spray-adhesive, then sprinkled super fine glitter all over (they sell boxes of these glittered pinecones at Bed Bath & Beyond for $5.99!!!) and also sprinkled a little cinnamon oil. Awesome gifts!

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