Giveaway! Christmas present for you guys!!

I am holding a giveaway!!  And it is sponsored by…ME!  Here is the deal, I am giving away one hat on my Becoming Homegrown Store.  ANY ONE!   What you need to do is leave me a comment telling me which one you want and what size you need it.  The lucky winner will get the hat of their choice.  Now, I am going to announce the winner on Christmas Eve!  A little late but it can be a present after the holiday.

Do you want to play?  Here are the rules.  Starting today –

1. Leave a comment and tell me if you are a follower AND which hat you would like (don’t forget sizing)
2. If you are not a follower become one
3. Check out the Facebook page – (you don’t have to follow it but it highly encouraged)
4. Blog about the giveaway and leave a link here

Each step is considered an entry and the winner will be chosen on……Is that enough crazy info?! Good luck! 
Remember the winner will be announced on Christmas Eve!

  Check out the Inner Hooker on Facebook for more fun crochet tips!!


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