Taking notes and illegal pictures

This last weekend my family and I took a little trip out to our local IKEA.  Let me just confess to you right now I LOVE IKEA!  It is so much fun!  This trip was particularly fun because we just moved and even though we were only getting a bookshelf I was taking notes for future purchases.

Here is one of my dream kitchens….Yes, one…..

Another angle….

My future herb/spice jars.  Excuse the blurryness of these pictures.  Some other lady was crowding me and *sighing* the whole time.  Sheesh – Couldn’t she see I was trying to take some illegal pictures?!

They even had a fish market!!!

Ah look at my children pretending to cook.  Maybe they were trying to make food that is actually edible and not what I usually concoct.

They were even all dressed up for Christmas!

Now, I am not sure if taking pictures is illegal in Ikea but I did get some major frowny faces.  One older Ikea sales representative made a B-line for me and my camera so I took the picture and ran.  Literally.  My husband was embarrassed and my children waved at the lady!    Oh well, I got the pictures Ikea Gestapo lady, MWAH HA!

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