The beautiful Gingerbread house that never was….Oh and a winner!

The other day I invited some good friends to come over with their boys and decorate Gingerbread houses with us.  I had wonderful visions of Christmas carols playing in the background, fresh cookies coming out of the oven, the boys playing nicely, and all our Gingerbread houses looking like something from the store.

That isn’t exactly what happened.  They boys did play nicely and cookies were coming out of the oven but the mommies were more interested in “backin our thang up” to Dance Central on the Kinect and chatting!  When we did get down to the important business of decorating the houses I came to a startling revelation. I am not a huge fan and neither are my kids.  It is sticky, gooey, and never comes out looking like the picture….

 This is my masterpiece…Do you like the satanic snowman?!

This is my good friends.  Hers actually looks like it is a little cottage from the Swiss Alps.

All of them together. Wow – We are good.

Now on to the winner of the Hat Giveaway………
Number 30 : Jessie from Raggedy Baby Love !!!  Jessie said on that one comment

“I am an email subscriber! I LOVE the frog hat!! Your hats are soooo cute!!!! On your etsy shop’s page it said available for 3-6 months–I would want a size 18-24 months if possible 🙂

I will be contacting you within the next 24 hours! If you don’t hear from me please drop me a line!!

Alright all, Thank you for playing!  I will be doing another giveaway soon and I have some fantastic new additions coming up! 


One response to “The beautiful Gingerbread house that never was….Oh and a winner!

  • Lauren

    Haha! I just busted out laughing when I saw the Satanic Snowman. Those eyes are crazy! Lol. The gingerbread houses look really good, though. I haven't made one probably since elementary school.

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