Resolutions??! Do you do them?

Do you do resolutions?  If you do, what typically do they focus on?  Personally speaking I am not big on resolutions. In the past, when I had the go forth and do it attitude, my resolutions were strong in January/February, began to sputter around March and came to a screeching hault in May.  It happened every year and so I decided one year that my resolution would be to NOT make anymore.  I kept that one…easily.

Well, I am breaking the rules this year.  I am making two new resolutions and I am going to blog about it and maybe someone here will keep me accountable.

Resolution Number 1:
 I am going on a diet.  Starting January 3.  The goal is a between 15-20lbs. I have a plan and I will be blogging about it in great detail.  During this time I will ask for no hatters… Please be nice or I will hunt you down and force feed you cookies.
Resolution Number 2: 
Get out of Debit.  We are a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace practicing family.  We have been doing the cash only budget since about May and have not touched the credit card at all.  My husband and I have crunched the numbers and we can do it! I will also be blogging about this probably monthly.

I am excited.  However, I do believe that I will not be in the best of spirits after the third…
Anyways – What are your resolutions?! Seriously, I actually want to know.  Are you going to blog about them?  If you are will you attach the link so I can see? 

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