The HCG Diet — Dramatic Music Required —

Alright – Here we go – The diet starts today. Officially.

Now, before I go into the details of my diet I must ask for NO haters (towards me and the website I will be linking). Everyone has an opinion and that is great but if your opinion is mean I am not going to publish your comment….

The diet program that I have decided to participate in is the HCG diet. If you click the link you can learn a little more detail than I am going to describe right now.  I know the owners and I know several people that have done the diet with amazing success and the end goal here is not only to loose weight but to change my eating habits.  How much do I want to loose – 20 lbs, right now.

I am currently on the first day which means I have two days of loading up in order to go through Phase 1. 

I am not really nervous about cheating on the Phase 1 process, which is the homeopathic drops and 500 calories,  but I am a little worried about Phase 2 which starts to bring back everything but the sugars and carbs.  We will see!  This is a trial and error blog so I will be logging in the process and SHOWING you my progress.

Do you want to know how much I weigh and how tall I am? — Gulp — I am actually nervous posting this…

HCG Diet gives results
So there you go.  I am not obese but I am not where I want to be…I will log the process and you can come along for the ride if you would like!  
Also – I am NOT being sponsored or paid by Adventures in HCG.  I am doing this all on my own.  If it doesn’t work or if there are problems I will be writing about it. 

7 responses to “The HCG Diet — Dramatic Music Required —

  • Arizona Mom

    Morgan, you are a beautiful child of God, no matter what you weigh. May this be a good adventure for you with the results you are looking for. Love the honesty in your picture, especially the cute pedicure!

  • Tracie Bradfield

    Your toes look great! You are a brave one to blog about such a personal issue. And, I agree with Wendy, you are a beautiful Child of God, and a wonderful person to know. May you have great success and enjoy the journey!

  • SuperMom Blues

    Visiting from SITS!I have been obese all of my adult life. I know how hard it is to get your body to do what it wants. I've never done this particular program, but for some people (like me) it takes extreme measures like extreme short-term (5-7 day) mega-low-calorie (500-700 calorie) diets. It is so hard, and takes a lot of will power and determination. But the purpose is to cleanse your body and rid it of all the addictions (sugar, carbs, etc.)Some people may not agree with it, but I can tell you it does work. From someone who's been there – limit your physical activity the first couple of days. You WILL be weak and tired as your body adjusts.Good luck and God bless!

  • Destiny

    Good Luck lady! You look good no matter what! I know you didn't go into this without doing all your homework, so I won't say too much, but I did read this blog and found it super interesting about what your body actually loses while doing this. She blogged daily while on it.

  • Minda

    can you post a link as to where you bought these particular drops?

  • Morgan

    Sure Minda – Here is the link is also on my side bar! Thanks!

  • Minda

    Oh dir! i didn't realize you purchased them f/their hee hee 🙂

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