Chicken is slimy and gross to the touch. Day 3 – HCG Diet Plan

Day 3.  First day of the new eating regimen. Whew..Is the day over yet?

Okay, it’s not really too bad.  Just because my mouth filled with saliva over the topic of mashed potatoes and I took the advice of a Facebook reader and squashed a couple of Goldfish in revenge (they were mocking me), doesn’t mean I am not handling today well….

I was productive.  I cooked chicken.  In 100 gram increments.  The piles of chicken were small .  Like these sentences.

Chopped up and ready to be cooked
HCG diet requires 100gms of chicken for protein
See I am remaining accountable…here is the weight and a peeler
HCG diet recommends 100 grams of protein in a meal. A simple scale can be found at the store for correct weight
Each mound is 100 grams. No approximation.  Lightly seasoned with pepper
HCG diet chicken portions are prepared ahead of time to allow for quick meals
I forgot to take pictures of the end result. Those “piles” shrink, just in case you were thinking, “Hey, that looks like a lot of chicken. Not too bad.” You are wrong. It’s a small amount.
It is now 2:30 and I had my apple snack.  I can not wait until this is not something I am thinking about all day everyday!  
New Topic!
I have some awesome hats I am working on!!!  Here is one that has been recently finished.

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