HCG diet – A new weight and the Valentines day hat

I have decided that I am not going to post my weight every day.  I really don’t think it is necessary and it makes me look even more obsessive than I already am.   Here is today:

HCG diet weight loss results

Can you see it?  Tilt your head to the right. Just like that —- 143.4!  It is working!   Alright, I am now going to tell you that this has actually been really tough.  Cooking for the kids and my husband has been a GIANT temptation!  Seriously, all I wanted to do the other day was eat an entire jar of peanut butter.  I didn’t but OH I wanted to.  Instead I washed my hands and ate 100gms of chicken and some tomato.

All of this time not eating has given me more time to work on hats! I had a bright idea of creating a Valentines day hat.  Now maybe it is because I don’t have daughters or maybe I am not girly enough but I don’t particularly like this “creation.”  (I am staying true to my blog and showing my failures!)

What do you think?!  I really like the pink fuzzy and the overall concept just when it was created it kinda…well…. it bit.  I am working on the new one now. Hopefully it will come out better.  Any opinions?! I actually like to here/read them. Don’t be shy!


2 responses to “HCG diet – A new weight and the Valentines day hat

  • Goldibug

    I'm honestly not big on the fuzz but anything like that has never really been my thing. Overall I think that hat turned out cute 🙂

  • Wendy

    Okay, you asked, so I'm tellin'. The black flower is looking a bit heavy against the white and pink. How about adding a smaller flower layered on top of the black one with a bigger button/bead for the center? Maybe bring in more of the pink there?

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