My husband is baking a cake and I want to punch him for it

That’s right, I want to punch him.  The man rarely bakes and in the last week, since I have started this diet, he has baked TWO.  Two cakes – Marble Fudge Cakes with Chocolate frosting.  SERIOUSLY!  My house smells like freakin bakery right now.  

Here is what everyone is waiting for:

YA! In seven days I have dropped eight pounds! Boo Ya! My jeans are loose and I LOVE it!  I haven’t cheated once, even with the evil cake baker living here.
Alrighty, I am off to punch my husband, play some Dance Central and try to figure out a pretty Valentines day craft.  Maybe I will just blog hop and take some Valentines Day craft lessons from those of you that are far more talented.

4 responses to “My husband is baking a cake and I want to punch him for it

  • Minda

    is dance central a workout game? i thought you weren't supposed to exercise at all if you were on phase 1? just curious and i am proud of your success it gives us all hope!

  • Minda

    Oh and will you please post a before and after picture when you are all done? 🙂

  • Morgan

    I will post a before and after photo! No, Dance Central isn't a work out game. It is a dance game for the Kinect and they have a workout mode but I only do the song – "break down" the moves portion. I only allowed myself two songs for fear of the working out aspect!

  • Wendy

    Husbands are just evil, aren't they? Whenever we discuss eating healthier foods, he decides his sweet tooth needs to be fed. Or he brings home Burger King. Or both. Usually both.

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