You see the darndest things and then take pictures of them

This past week in my shopping excursions I have happened on a lot of things that I thought were funny, interesting, odd, etc.  I thought I would take pictures of some of the items that caught my eye.

This is a wind chime that I found out our local Joann’s.  Wow, this is some artistic stuff.  Some supplier rummaged through their attic/garage/storage of old stuff and made this “amazing” wind chime…Oh wait! Don’t forget the handy work that can be seen in the beading towards the top…. Alright, I KNOW that there are some crafty bloggers that can make something like this and probably better but the best part is it won’t cost 24 bucks!  (P.S. See the cart…see the yarn…yup my cart)

Do you shop at a health food store or a place that prides itself on organics? I do. I frequent our local Sprouts store.  When shopping there, I typically make a b-line for all the produce and meats. I avoid the aisles of vitamins, enhancers, immunity, etc.  I have never ventured into that part of the store for fear of running into a Vegan hippy (every store has one on staff) that will try to sell me bottles of who knows what or someone that really knows what they are buying and I will look like an idiot.   Well, this time I avoided looking like an idiot (I was looking for Echinacea for kids …seriously..) UNTIL I saw this little box and stopped to take a picture.

Booby Tubes!!!  I think every mom should have a box in their house that says Booby Tubes!  Oh and you need to have that picture on it!

I thought this next picture and display was both offensive and spot on.

Ah….look a nice Valentines day display.  Pretty dishes, a Happy Baker Cookbook….WAIT A MINUTE…let’s focus in on that cookbook….

The Happy Baker : A Girl’s Guide to Emotional Baking! 
At first, I was thinking that was rude and insulting. Valentines day is supposed to be romantic, sweet, filled with chocolate and heart shaped pizzas.  Then I had a vision of me seven years ago, baking cookies for my friends on Valentines day with my cat.  So, well done product placement people. Well done.  If I wasn’t on a diet I would have purchased that cookbook.
Anyone else see something good?

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