Weigh in day and the freakout

Let me start with apologies. I take the majority of these weigh in pictures with my phone. I am half awake when taking the picture and I always to forget to flip the phone to the proper direction so that the number is easy to read. Here is the upside down weight of the day:

This is not a huge decrease. I wanted to be at 140 today.  In fact yesterday I was still 142.2 and I FREAKED out.  I was really upset.  What had I done wrong?  I haven’t cheated or deviated from the norm, what was going on!    
After calming down I retraced my eating steps.  While on the diet you are allowed two snacks a day from a few selection of foods.  I chose the apples and oranges for cost purposes.  The last couple of days I have been eating oranges for my snacks to change it up.  I did notice the weight loss was not as dramatic but they tasted sooo good.  I also played two songs on Dance Central which is not a lot but it is a little exercise.  Now before you all gasp at the thought of no exercise on a diet please remember when exercising the body hangs on to fat and calories to maintain itself and I am losing a lot each day. So I decided to make Saturday my recovery day.
My recovery plan went into full force yesterday. I feed my children the rest of the oranges and returned to apples and I made sure to rest for the majority of the day. I worked on hats and watched movies with my kids. I did walk my kids to the park but I made sure to take it easy.  I have to tell you it is actually really difficult to take it easy. I feel great. I have a lot of energy and I am NOT starving all day. And when your pants are really loose it is hard to remember that you are on a mission and need to continue on.
My plan worked.  This morning, after a quick prayer (I didn’t want to cry) I stepped on the scale and was very happy.  Moral of the story – I hit a little plateau (which is normal) and after a little research I believe I made it through.  

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