Travelers from the Mrs. AND new weight

First things first: is operating!   If you are traveling here from the Mrs. please type in the  Becoming Homegrown in your browser (or click that link) and then you can become a follower!  For some reason the in transit forwarding is not working with my followers!

Second –

Another weigh in this morning and the picture is blurry, upside, and well just a bad photo.

I finally broke the 140 mark!  Although, this morning, I looked at the scale and told it if it said 140 again it would find itself in the trash or flying out the window.  No joke, its life was at stake. 
Even though the 140 mark has been broken I am having an apple day.  Six apples and water and tea.  DON’T FREAK OUT  to everyone that is currently freaking out.  I am A-OKAY and I am not starving myself to death.  I am trying to get the sodium and extra water weight to go away.  
I like those nice comments that everyone has been leaving me! It really cheered me up the other day!

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