The final weigh in and giveaway!

Whew, I made it! Phase 2 of the HCG diet is complete!  I didn’t die and neither did the evil cake baker!  So after 21 days of 500 hundred calories my final weight for THIS stage is:

13 pounds in three weeks! Not bad.  Now, am I a little disappointed that it wasn’ t fifteen or twenty pounds?  A little bit BUT 13 pounds ain’t bad and I KNOW I have lost some major inches.  My BMI is back in the normal weight range and in all honestly, I look good.  I still have curves and I really enjoy them. So does the evil cake baker.  The other bonus of this diet was my face completely cleared up!  Acne isn’t a major problem for me but it was enough to bother me from time to time.  I have had no break outs and my skin seems to have healed.
I am now going to show you a HORRIBLE picture of me.  It is extremely myspace-esque.  I had to take it by myself because my husband was at work and my five year old kept taking pictures of my feet or my calves etc.  So it invloves a mirror and a shower curtain. I’m sorry. 
There is a side profile!  I am not sucking in and those pants are a size 8!  The waist fits perfectly and I actually have some room in those pants!  Two weeks ago eh, heck 5 days ago those pants did not fit!
I am now moving onto Phase 3, the maintenance level.  I can eat almost everything and  I am not allowed to have any sugar or carbs.  I am fine with that because I can have fruit again!  I will be posting weigh ins on Phase 3 but not as frequently.  I am supposed to still loose weight during this phase but I am not going to post it every 2/3 days. 
NOW:  If you will notice I have a wonderful Giveaway going on right now.  It is for a vinyl saying for your home from Two Chicks and a Vinyl Cutter…Here is an example of mine.
Go check out the giveaway and enter and try to get some awesome saying for your home.  I adore mine!  Just click on my giveaway link.

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