I feel so out of it

I do. I really do.  After the giveaway things began to snowball. Not in a negative way but in a too busy for anything else, kinda way. 

Here is a little bit of news for all you diet followers. I had my first cheat day.  Oops.  It was bad and NOT worth it.  I ate the worst stuff.  Seriously, think Oreos X 10.  I always thought during my 500 calorie days that if I was going to cheat I was going to make a great high carb meal and enjoy every morsel.  But it turns out most cheat days aren’t even that great. You just stuff your face with junk.  That is what I did.  I gained 2 1/2 pounds. In one day. UGH.  Lucky, I had the prescribed steak day (eat nothing all day and after 5pm have a nice juicy steak and a big tomato) and I lost two pounds by the next day.  Whew!

This next week I will have a baking extravaganza day. Here is why….

I bought it.  I couldn’t help myself.  The product placement people got me….  It has recipes like this one. Rocky Road Brownies.

I also am a frequent visitor to cooking websites such as The Fudge Ripple and Inside BruCrew Life. They have amazing recipes for cupcakes, homemade vanilla extra, and other yummy foods.  I am dying to try my hand at them.  So my plan is to invite some friends over, bake like crazy, sample and then give most of it away.   I am going to post the results of each recipe I am going to try SO if you have something awesome and want a little press just leave the link in the comments!

Alright, a slightly meaningless post today but I wanted to prove I am alive and give some folks the opportunity for to give me their recipes.  (Baking day is Friday)

Now I am off to kill the bug that is under this cup.  It has been there since last night. 


3 responses to “I feel so out of it

  • Christy

    hi morgan! thanks for the shout out…you shouldn't beat yourself up for 1 bad day…we all have them….and i must admit…sometimes..store bought junk food is satisfying! i can't wait to see what you make from your new bookbestchristy

  • Jamie

    On my cheat day I truly cheated. I had Chinese food, and Death by Chocolate cake. Holy COW, it was good!Enjoy your baking day next time.

  • Jocelyn

    Imagine my great surprise and delight to see my blog listed as one you visit often:-) Thank you so much for the shout out and the smile you gave me!!! I think cheat days every once in a while keep you on track better. Your baking day sounds like so much fun!!!! Especially the giving it away part…that is usually what I do with all mine too.

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