The Barnacle baring milk jug

Today was a productive day.  A day of lessons learned.

Today was originally supposed to be Baking Day!  A day in which friends would gather at my house and we would bake sinfully good food and enjoy it.  Guilt free!  Well, that was shattered yesterday when my five year old came home sick from school AGAIN and I had to quarantine my home.  So instead of being sad and depressed about the postponement of Baking day and decided to tackled projects that I have had lingering around the house….

I baked.  Even though it was not as fun by myself, I did promise my boys and my husband baked goods.  They were salivating in the kitchen this morning in anticipation as I pulled out the ingredients for “Dream Bars.”

I am getting ready!  See that picture on the left hand side.  Mine did not turn out as pretty but they were still good.

Middle of the baking.  Now I took the liberty of circling with the handy dandy spray paint feature on the paint program three items that are always within my grasp.  My phone, a needle, and a pencil.  An odd combo. I am not sure what that means about me as a person but I thought I would let you in on it.

Final Product:

mmm…so good.  Now I am not sure if I am allowed to share the recipe with you since it is from a book that I purchased.  The book is THE HAPPY BAKER.  Go buy it.

After the bars were finished I felt the urge to finally tackle my Antique Milk Jug that I bought OVER A YEAR AGO.  I found it at a garage sale for a dollar and I saw it as a project.

It is really rusty and the previous owner decided that she wasn’t into antiques and tried to paint it bright yellow to make it more “attractive.”  It didn’t.  The paint job was bad and there are these lumps that look strikingly like barnacles.

I pulled out my trusty Naval Jelly that insured me that it will take that rust off  that antique milk jug.  Not only did it claim to remove the rust it also promised me that it would eat off any exposed skin and make my eyes bubble if I was not properly protected…. I was excited to use it!

Don’t I look GREAT!  No make up, snazzy glasses and my awesome hair day?!

Once opened it looked like slime from Ghostbusters.

I put on my protective eye gear and gloves and got to work.

See the big pink thing dripping down – Slime.
I waited the alloted time rinsed it off and expected a miracle! Here is what it looked like-

Does this picture look familiar? It should. It is the same picture at the beginning.  It didn’t look different at all.  The barnacles are still there and that horrid yellow paint didn’t budge.    I decided to try and sand it off and all that did was shred my sand paper.  I made an executive decision.  It was a dollar jug and I really wasn’t that invested in the redo.  I recycled it. 

Final verdict on the $1 dollar antique milk jug = Fail.

I am okay with this fail.  I still have a kitchen table that is in pieces in the garage.  I made my husband move it from the old house in order for me to repaint it and move it into the kitchen.  I have had this table for a year and a half.   I still haven’t found my renovation motivation for that project yet.


One response to “The Barnacle baring milk jug

  • LBDDiaries

    Well shoot. I was hoping for HELP. I have a milk jug, too, basic black and worn. I guess I'm going to spray paint the heck out of it with that Krylon outdoor furniture paint (it sits on the porch). I can't let it go but don't know what to do with it! Visiting from SITS!

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