Are you asking right now – What are Brookies?  I am about to tell you!  Lucky you!

Brookies are the marriage of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and brownies squished together and dipped in chocolate.  AH!  What a great idea!  Who came up with this?!  All I know is that I found this culinary masterpiece over on Inside BruCrew Life.  She made these when she was stuck indoors during the snowstorm and I made these for the Valentines day party at my sons school.

I will run you through this recipe:
You will need
Brownies (I used a boxed mix – Just like  Joceyln at BruCrew)
Chocolate chip recipe.  Everyone uses their own variation. I made white chocolate and chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chip pieces for melting and dipping

I did not post all the individual requirements for each step.  That is a lot of ingredients

1. First bake your brownies and leave them out to cool.
2. Next make your cookies.  Like I mentioned previously, I made the standard chocolate chip cookie recipe and mixed in half white chocolate chips and chocolate chips.   
3. Don’t make your cookies too big or they will be a pain to squish into balls after they have baked.
  See.  All mine are relatively small. I learned the hard way.
4. WAIT to squish them into balls. Not too long but until they are warm!!!  I did not listen to previous bakers and apparently thought my hands were made of steel. They were HOT. It hurt.
5. Once the cookies are balled up put them in the freezer until they are frozen.
6. After freezing is done get those brownies that are waiting on the sidelines.  Cut them into small squares and wrap it around the frozen cookie ball.  Then put it BACK in the freezer.  Wait until they are frozen again.
7.  Once the balls are frozen pull them out and dip them in the melted chocolate chips and decorate.
Number 7 is where I failed.  I can not dip ANYTHING into chocolate and have it come out and look beautiful.  They look lumpy, odd, and a little sad.    Kinda like this….
This was taken this morning as we were about to race out the door. I realized I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  My son added the two toned sprinkles after we dipped in chocolate the night before.
Eh, they may look weird but they were a hit at school today!

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