Apple-Bran Pancakes and Green Giant Giveaway winner

Bran-Apple Pancakes.  Does the word Bran make you shudder and cringe?  Do images of backpacking, fast digestion, and the vegan hippie at your local organic store pop into your mind?  It did for me.

Usually, as a rule, I stay away from anything that has high fiber and bran in the name.  However, I am on a new eating routine and I do not want to gain all the weight that I lost so I sucked it up and pushed my digestive worries to the side and made some Bran-Apple Pancakes.

They look like normal pancakes!

Do you like my “decorative” placement of the strawberries?!  That was just for you guys.

These pancakes were good.  Seriously.  I am not lying.  They hit the spot and they did not taste weird healthy.  You know what I mean, don’t deny it, that weird healthy after taste you get after consuming something that is extremely good for you… These pancakes had NO aftertaste, my kids gobbled them up and I did NOT GAIN one pound.  The perfect pancake. Love it!

Alright, I also made these last Friday.

So not healthy. 
Sooooo Good! 

Sigh- I love you mini-cheesecakes.

Winner Time:

The winner of the Green Giant Giveaway is 
# 29.
She said:
I like you on Facebook
Kimberly – You have 24 hours to contact me through my profile email contact!!!
Thank you everyone for playing and I do have another giveaway soon. CRAZY!  

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