Sidewalk Paint , Sightword Hopscotch, and Chalk Body Outlines. Outside fun!

Yesterday I learned some new tricks for outdoor fun with my kiddos.  A steering team member in my MOPS group spoke about fun activities to do with your little ones.   She gave out some great recipes and today I am going to share one with you AND show you some of the fun we had outside…and yes, Chalk body outlines will be included.

Sidewalk Paint
1/4 Cornstarch
1/4 cold water
Food coloring of your choice
Mix together and paint.  (Yes – it does wash off)
Here they are hard at work.  The cornstarch dried with a nice green tint.  They loved it. Our sidewalk leading up to the front door is very festive.
I had another idea while they were creating their masterpieces.
Sight word Hopscotch
My six year old loves math and is not a huge fan of reading. He gets frustrated and impatient when trying to sound out words.  However this game proved to be very effective for his frustration. He didn’t mind reading while he hopped from square to square and his confidence was on a major high! Now, little does he know, I am going to start including words that are a little more challenging!

Here is my favorite art project:
Chalk body outlines

I always get a chuckle out of it! I can’t help it!!! 

Do you have any tips for outside fun?!


2 responses to “Sidewalk Paint , Sightword Hopscotch, and Chalk Body Outlines. Outside fun!

  • Jamie

    Looks like a day full of fun in the sunshine! One of the kids favorite outdoor activities is to have me hide an object some where and then they look for it. They also love to run obstacle courses. Set up little stations with different things and see who can make it through first.

  • Holly

    FUN! I have never tried sidewalk paint – sounds fabulous! Of course we love sidewalk chalk and 4-square…and right now basketball. Your blog looks amazing! Super cute profile pic too!

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